Weed Control at Hirby Pest Control

Keep your lawn looking its best with our weed control service.

Weed control maintenance services are essential if you want to keep your lawn looking its best. Weed control in the lawn is recommended in February/March and November/ December. Weed control in dirt, sidewalks, landscaping is year around. A monthly program ensures a green lawn through the summer months and grub control in June, July and August.  With our guidance lawn owners should implement regular mowing practices in order to effectively maintain weed population growth.

Important things to consider when choosing a weed treatment service provider.

How often is weed control treatment required?

In rocks and landscape, every 3 to 4 months expect 2 treatments that are 7 days apart.

Will your treatment include weed control?

We are licensed to treat lawns with professional weed killers, this includes your lawn, and rock landscapes/ sidewalks.

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